Cynthia Update- Next Phase!

Some exciting things have been happening in the last couple weeks and I wanted to share! Since we moved and had additional life changes mid-process, we had to send in additional supplements to our government to get permission to adopt internationally. With Ruth’s process, we had approval fairly quickly after our fingerprinting appointment. I was convinced that with the changes mid-process our approval would end up taking longer and so was prepared for an additional couple months’ wait.

This past Monday morning, the first Monday of spring break in our school, I was headed to get a pedi with my mom and youngest sister. Turns out they were booked for the day, so as mom is driving me back home, she stops to get my mail. Lo and behold, an envelope from U.S. Department of Homeland Security was in the mailbox- our approval letter! The last piece to our dossier puzzle, and now it was time to mail everything over!

I overnighted the approval letter, and our agent got our entire dossier ready for Fed-Exing to Hong Kong! It was delivered yesterday (their yesterday) and now, we are mostly finished! Well, with paperwork, that is. Here’s a brief update on where we are at in Cynthia’s process:

We are now in the dossier screening phase- where the agency in Hong Kong will go over our documents very thoroughly before sending over to Hong Kong Central Authority. This could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

Next, Hong Kong Central Authority will review our documents and then, once satisfied, proceed to match us officially with Cynthia. At this point, we will be able to send Cynthia gifts/pictures/messages and she will finally know she has a forever family waiting to come get her!

Next, lots and lots more legal proceedings take place on our behalf in Hong Kong. We also fill out the last of our USCIS documents to receive final permission to bring Cynthia home, specifically. Once this is done, and Cynthia has her passport and U.S. visa, we are cleared for take off to Hong Kong! Here we come, little bug!

As mentioned before, Hong Kong is notorious for being slow in adoption processing. And that is not necessarily a bad thing, as they are ensuring everything has been done properly for the good of Cynthia, our family, and children and families to come. However, we will continue to pray that God moves mountains and enables us to go meet our sweet second daughter much sooner than anticipated. If you would join us in that prayer, we would be grateful.

Other ways to pray that are just as, if not more so, important are: praying that Cynthia’s health improves and she is thriving and forming healthy bonds with her caregivers and peers, that her little heart is already being prepared for her forever family, and that God would miraculously do a work in her that only he could- giving peace that surpasses human understanding, and strength to endure the transition from children’s home in Hong Kong to family in the United States. As well as praying for us, that we would be patient and faithful in our waiting, trusting above all that God’s timing is perfect, and that he would prepare all of our hearts for the addition of our little bug.

There’s so much still to do before Cynthia comes home, but the time is flying by, and we are getting more and more anxious to bring her home and complete our family! We will hopefully be getting much more regular updates on Cynthia once we are officially matched, and will be overjoyed to share with you every detail along the way!

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