Ruth One Year Home Update!

Technically, Ruth’s one year home anniversary came and went in the middle of our move into our new house- but, boy, is there so much to update on!

Even though Ruth’s one year home anniversary was brought to us in a new season of life, we are truly thankful. Ruth is healthy, happy, thriving and learning. She is very ready to start pre-k this fall with her brother, she even says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Aw!

Here are some looks back at our days in Nigeria:

And now, Ruth is done with physical therapy. She’s very independent, loving to do things on her own all the time like brush her own teeth and hang up her own clothes. She is still needing speech therapy, but that will probably start when school starts for her. She is loving her new house and new room, which is wonderful, because new is sometimes a scary thing for her.

She is also very excited to share her room and new bunk bed with her new sister! Ruth makes it a point to remind Allen that little sis gets to sleep in Ruth’s room and not Allen’s. So, we’ve got a little bit of an attitude developing. With some sibling rivalry on top of that, ha. But, that’s life!

Ruth is doing great overall- emotionally and physically, and is even in full control of her bladder at night time now. These are all indicators that she’s well- and we are so thankful. She has been asking some questions lately about herself as a baby, and we know those questions will only grow more deep and complicated with her age. So, when she asks why she wasn’t in mommy’s tummy like Allen was, we just tell her this: “Ruth, you have two mommies and two daddies. Your tummy mommy and daddy loved you very much, but they could not give you the things you needed, like food and water and a safe place to sleep and play. They wanted to, but they couldn’t. So God brought you to us, your forever mommy and daddy. And we love you and will always give you everything you need and take care of you. God gave you a very special story.”

So far, that’s sufficient for her. Someday it won’t feel very sufficient, and we continue to pray that God would prepare us and equip us with everything we need to assure Ruth that her identity is in Christ, not her past.

We love you, honey. You are such a bright spot in this family, and so mature and caring. Even though God sent us to take care of you, I truly believe he is already using you to take care of us. You are so special!