Update on Kendall

Many of you read the story of Kendall a few weeks ago, and I hope it spurred you to prayer. I wanted to give an update on this little fighter and her family!

Kendall is with her family- and even made it back in time to spend Thanksgiving at home! She still has a lot of healing and improving to do, but I believe she is well on her way.

If you would like to catch up on Kendall’s progress, feel free to visit her Facebook page¬†here. If you would like, there’s even a place to donate to help the family with meals! Isn’t it so amazing how you can help a family you don’t even know, in a completely different state? I know social media has its pros and cons, but I like to focus on the pros *wink*.¬†15107320_10205828623714618_7611922386924690787_n

Here is Kendall sleeping peacefully while her family enjoys their Thanksgiving meal. My oh my, I’m sure their hearts were bursting!

Blessed With Joy and Hope

Wondering what’s going on with our adoption journey? I will be writing a blog on that soon!