Adoption Grants

I know: you’re drowning in paperwork! Every family in the adoption process is, and not only the necessary paperwork to go get your child- but also the paperwork to get the financial help you need to bring your child home. It’s a lot, and sometimes (most of the time!) it’s overwhelming: “Where do I even start?”

This is exactly where I found myself in the winter of 2016, and the few comprehensive lists I did find after some Google searching came up with most grants not currently accepting applications or an error message sadly displaying that the organization was no longer functioning. It can be very disheartening to see so many resources taken away from families who really need them.

After agreeing to adopt again, I decided it was time that I made my own list. While most of these grants are internationally specific, some may be flexible in the type of adoption. I can’t guarantee that all these grants are accepting applications, because, unfortunately, there is a giving shortage when it comes to adoption help.

While everyone would prefer not to go into debt for adoption, there are always loans with 0% interest and little to no qualifications. You can find general information on adoption loans here. There are many other institutions offering loans, as well. Be sure to ask your agency or attorney where you should start!

Also, it is well worth your time to ask around (community/social media etc.) to discover local grants/scholarships that might be available to you that are lesser known. It is also well worth your time to ask friends and family to keep their ears open for possible avenues!

Adoption Grant Links:
1. Inspiring Orphan Care
2. A Child Waits
3. Adoption Grant (Domestic Only)
4. Adoption Hope Foundation (Connecticut Only)
5. Be the One (Ohio, Indianan, Kentucky Only)
6. Buescher Foundation (Domestic Only)
7. Show Hope
8. One Chance Foundation
9. Muskogee Church of Christ Grant
10. Lifesong for Orphans
11. Friendship Owasso Grant
12. Chosen and Dearly Loved
13. Chosen for Life Ministries (Gerogia Only)
14. CMOMA (currently childless PAPs)
15. Elijah’s Truth (Minnesota, North and South Dakota Only)
16. Ephesians 3:20 Foundation (Closed until Sept 2019)
17. Families Outreach
18. Gift of Adoption
19. God’s Grace Adoption Ministries (not accepting applications as of 10-03-18)
20. Golden Dawn
21. Hand in Hand Matching Program (contacts donors via mail)
22. Help Us Adopt
23. His Kids Too! Ministries (International Only)
24. Jim Carr Memorial (Kansas Only)
25. Joseph’s Dreamcoat (for ministry staff)
26. JSC Foundation
27. Katelyn’s Fund
28. Kansas City Church of Nazarene Grant (specific)
29. Kids for Kyla (Colorado Only)
30. Love Has Come (focus on Montana residents)
31. MICAH Fund (Minnesota Only)
32. Lydia Fund (not receiving application until Jan 2019)
33. National Adoption Foundation
34. Oklahoma Hearts for Adoption
35. Parenthood For Me (not currently accepting applications)
36. Promise 686 (Georgia residents only)
37. Sacred Selections
38. Salvation International (currently not accepting applications)
39. Sarah Lily Adoption Fund (Jewish families in NYC only)
40. SBC Ministers Adoption Fund
41. ABBA Fund Sonscope Grant
42. Sowing Roots
43. Stone Adoption Family Fund
44. The Orphan Foundation
45. Topeka Community Foundation (Kansas residents only)
46. UnitedHealthCare Children’s Foundation
47. Never Alone Foundation (International Only)
48. Saving Children Adoption Grant (International Only)
49. Both Hands Foundation (unique grant opportunity)
50. Room for One (military family benefits info)
51. Heart of the Bride (will resume accepting apps 10/30/18)
52. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Grant (Domestic Only)
52. Forever Families Foundation
53. Wildflower Hope (Live Gia Forever Foundation)

For additional resources (more grants, especially grants for fostering or IVF/embryo/private infant adoption families) check out Fund Your Adoption for additional information and avenues for adopting debt free. Don’t let finances be a hindrance for giving a child a forever home! They also have amazing fundraising ideas you can find here!