Merry Christmas From Me and Mine to You and Yours

Merry Christmas from the Haff family! We have had some huge life changes recently, and so haven’t been updating on Cynthia’s adoption as I’d like to, but we will share much about her process very soon!

Our first Christmas home with Ruth hasn’t been at all like I pictured, but it has been wonderful nonetheless! We enjoyed the traditions we’ve started as a family, a mix of the things Shane and I fondly remember from our childhood. Cookies and milk for Santa, writing a letter, giving and receiving gifts, singing songs and decorating festively (outdoor house lights and Nativity scene were a big hit!).

And the reason for it all, the deep joy we feel for this wonderful time of year, a baby born to a virgin in a humble town in a humble stable who was the fulfillment of God’s indescribable love for us all. The other-worldly phenomenon of Christmas spirit that we all enjoy is not the result of tangible things, like Hallmark movies or beautiful music, but the direct result of a hope we never knew we needed. That humble baby is the answer to every problem, and the reason that we are filled with such gratitude and peace during this season. Even in times where life is hard and happiness is nowhere to be found, the baby Jesus reminds us that, for those who love him and have surrendered their lives to him, our sufferings are only temporary. He has made a way to true and lasting peace.

Our prayer for you and your family is that you feel the joy of Christmas all year long- because knowing and celebrating and giving thanks for the sacrifice that little baby made for us all doesn’t stop at 12:00 a.m. on December 26th. His love rings true and sufficient in all months for all years for all time. Amen.