Update Day 11

Miracle of miracles we all got decent sleep last night!!! This was just the ticket we needed- thank you for praying for us! Let’s keep those coming- sleep really helps!

I believe the antibiotics are starting to help a little with Ruth’s swelling in her adenoids, as well. She only snored about 75% of the time, and I would say most of the snores accomplished a breath, even if it was quite labored. Perhaps it will even get better tonight and she won’t have as hard of a time.

Another positive from last night is that the few times Ruth woke up, she would just look at me then go back to sleep- she didn’t insist that I pick her up to go back to sleep. I’m hoping this is just another step towards her feeling secure with us as her family. She still wants me to hold her anytime she’s feeling uncomfortable, which I think is a good sign we are attaching.

We had breakfast this morning. Giving Ruth her medicine was difficult today for some reason (the past couple days has been fairly easy). So after getting creative she took it all and Shane fed her breakfast. Then we went outside and played for a while. Sure is hot! Then we took a little trip up the street to get Allen some new shoes (his were too small and hurting his feet) and a couple grocery items.

Here are a few things we are finding out about Ruthie’s personality:

She loves to play with AND pester Allen! Boy we are in for some sibling fights (karma, mom and dad?)

When she’s getting uncomfortable she rugs at the neck of her shirt. And when she’s REALLY uncomfortable she will put on her pouty-about-to-cry-face. This is the territory we only come back from if I stand up and hold her for a bit.

She has good rhythm! She likes the same few apps on the iPad and “the happy and you know it” song is a current fav. She claps right on beat!

She is not afraid to push my buttons! She knows what no means, but usually does whatever again with the biggest grin on her face. And she and Allen just egg each other on! Uh-oh…

She jabbers quite a bit, but we can’t make our most of what she’s saying. She repeats things often, though- and will point to get her point across. We have some material at home to help with her language development that I am anxious to use (thanks Amendoleas!)

It’s fun to see who she is starting to shine through!

Naptime was pretty normal, and the afternoon was pretty laid back with snack and playtime until dinner.

In other news, we are in contact with OK Senator James Langford’s office about doing whatever needs to be done to get Ruth’s visa from the U.S. consulate as quickly as possible (shout out to the two Jasons!). This was a huge help as the visa processing for Ruth is the biggest unknown time factor in getting us all home. Keep praying that the entire legal process move smoothly and swiftly! We are anxious to get back home as a family of four.

However, the final trip home could still be about 5 weeks away. We are hoping and praying for a miraculously fast process, but preparing for a long stay. Please continue to pray for us and the process- I know you are all being faithful to do so!