Day 5 Update

Today was the day! We went to the child care home and it was time to pick Celine up for good. To say that the staff and volunteers at her home have been loving is an understatement. Celine has so many letters, gifts and memories to keep from her time there, and it truly warm our hearts. Saying goodbye was hard, for her and all the wonderful friends she has made. But we said goodbye via Zoom and started our day together.

Celine didn’t stay on the Zoom call very long- she was sad to say goodbye!

The first order of business was lunch, and for some reason, Celine has already been talking about pizza. So we found a pizza place in the mall right next to our hotel and had just that! Celine did like the pizza- but not the pepperonis. They were too spicy. So she just picked those off and kept eating!

Pizza monster!

We decided on going to the Science Museum as it has kid-centered interactive stations. Celine was interested in some things, but most stations were for older kids. But she still enjoyed it. We took a ferry to get there, and then a train to get back. We are just fascinated at how these subway stations were built AFTER most of the city was here! It’s just amazing!

Celine using magnets to make the train go!

We played in the hotel room the rest of the afternoon with some of the toys she was given from the workers at her child care home. The camera was her favorite, of course! Then we headed off to dinner- and when we stepped outside to go back to the hotel it was absolutely pouring outside! And, of course, we didn’t have an umbrella so we covered up Celine the best we could with our jackets and made a mad dash for the hotel. Celine giggled and giggled that we were all wet! She thought it was hilarious.

Look, we’re floating!

Once we were back at the hotel, it was time for our shower and bed. Bedtime was a little rough- we had a full day and then it was out of routine and familiar environments etc.. But we know it will take some adjusting. A hotel room isn’t the most conducive for all of that, anyway. Here’s to a good night’s sleep for all of us and another great day tomorrow!

Daddy reading a night-night story.