July 2017 Update

Oh goodness- it’s been way too long since the last update on Ruthie! I’ll try to catch everyone up.

Our most updated picture of Ruthie- she’s growing so tall!

We knew that Ruthie wasn’t talking, and assumed it was due to the trauma she experienced from abandonment. Turns out, a double ear infection may have been more to credit, and after an attempted doctor’s visit (Ruth waited 8 hours and wasn’t seen, then had to try again) she was given some antibiotics to see if that cleared up the infections. We are hoping she shows some improvement in her hearing and speech after the antibiotics, at least enough that we can get her home comfortably and explore other options.

Ruthie is growing like a weed! But still not too sure about cameras

Also, her birthday is coming up on the 19th! This is also the 1 year anniversary (is there another word? I feel like there should be…) for when she was found by police and taken to her orphanage. Definitely a mixed emotions kind of day. I am checking to see if the orphanage has anything planned, and if we can somehow be involved from a distance.

I got to meet Steven Curtis Chapman at the K-Love fan awards. I talked to him about our Ruthie, and thanked him for he and his family’s voice for adoption. He signed a picture for Ruthie that I now have taped in her book written by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife in honor of their adoptive daughter.

On our end of the adoption, things are about to get real Nigerian for these Okies from Muskogee! We are hopefully going to find out in about a month when we will get to go over to see Ruth. Still looking like November 1 will be the earliest, and still looking like a minimum 4 week observation period (please pray this is reduced!). We are getting ever closer to going to get her- and we are anxious for time to pass quickly! Praying for the blessings God gave Jacob when looking forward to marrying Rachel both times!

Thank you for continuing to pray- we are so grateful for your support!