She Knows, She Knows!!!

It happened, C knows she has a family! She has seen our faces, heard our voices and knows that she is already loved.

We got the absolute sweetest report from our case worker in country, so sweet, in fact, that I wanted to share it with you:

“It was C’s big day today. The day when she was introduced to her forever family! She wore a smile when she entered the room. She was happy to be given the ladybug even though her caregivers said she is not fond of stuffed animals. She was excited to look at the photo album, especially the pictures of daddy, mommy, brother Allen and sister Ruth. She was especially delightful when she saw L’s face as she recognized her dear little friend!

She was quite attentive when watching the family video. She was happy to see her own room and her caregivers were all envy that she has such a big room, lots of toys and big closet full of clothes! She was also interested when we showed her the picture book with daddy and mommy’s voices.

With broad smiles, she went out of the room to show other caregivers her forever family. This is for sure one of her life-changing day.”

This report was what we’ve been anticipating for about a week now, and it did not disappoint! We even got a VIDEO of C, we got to hear her sweet little voice and I just melted into a pool of my own happy tears!!!

The waiting will be harder now, even though May is close, and time flies so quickly! All I want is to board a plane to her…

Here’s the remainder of the process:
i-800 approval (this allows us to bring C, specifically, back into the country with us for the purpose of adoption). Essentially, the final notice of approval from the U.S. that C can enter the country with us and become a citizen once adopted.
Once we have this approval (should be around the first or second week of February), C will be taken in for her passport and U.S. visa appointment, her medical visit, and the legal documents needed to give Shane and I guardianship of her for the purpose of adopting her in the U.S. will begin.
Finally, when all that is complete and C is in possession of her passport and visa, along with the legal documents for guardianship, we will be invited to travel into the country to meet C and bring her home. We will be in country approximately 7 days, then we will head home!

So, as crazy as that all sounds, it’s pretty simple! At least, Just a little more waiting, then a couple really long traveling days, and we’re holding C in our arms and showering her with anything and everything she wants, ha!