Getting So Close

Wow- it is hard to believe that almost one year ago we started this adoption journey! Each day brings us closer to our departure to get our sweet Ruthie girl. 70 days from today! There have been some developments since our last update, I thought I would catch everyone up to speed.

First of all, we are encountering a common hiccup that anyone adopting from a “newly opened” country probably goes through- cost increases. In the beginning of any adoption, the family is given an estimate of the adoption expenses. Granted, the word “estimate” should have had us prepared for some changes, but we are looking at nearly a $10,000 increase from what our traveling expenses were estimated to be. That’s was a pretty big pill to swallow. But, as He has done every step of this process, God is assuring us of His sovereignty in every aspect of Ruth’s adoption. We are learning to live in faith during this as well. 

We have a departure date of November 18th! Tickets to and from have been bought- including Ruth’s! We are very excited that we will only have to remain under visitation for two weeks instead of the previously planned for four. Buying those plane tickets was a surreal moment!

So- for an update on Ruth- she is doing great! Her hearing is improving, and her speech is, as well. She looks at her family book a lot- and she can point to us and say “mommy and daddy.” *Insert crying and heart emoji here*

She is so safe and comfortable, even if she still remains fairly shy. She is being called Ruth by everyone- and the kids have nicknamed her Ruthie- just like we have! *even more crying emojis*

Her orphanage, on the other hand, is struggling financially. This is concerning, as I’m unsure what happens to an orphanage that can’t pay for their rent on time etc. I’m worried about displacement of all those kids, and praying that God will provide for Ruth’s orphanage. We have already donated our expected portion early to help with their needs. I’m hoping that everything works out. 

There is so much to do in preparation for our trip- I sometimes think there’s no way we will be ready in 2 months! But I know we will get there.