The Season for Miracles!

Ok, maybe “miracle” is a bit of a stronger of a word than needed in this situation, but we are officially matched with “C”!!!

We received that coveted phone call yesterday morning and couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift for our family this year!

To answer some of the more common questions, it will be about 3-4 months until we will be able to travel to go get her! We just ended the long phase of “hurry up and wait” and now there is quite a bit for us to do!

“C” will now get a package of goodies from us, including a book we will record ourselves reading, a family photo album, a plush ladybug and ladybug blanket and we will also make a 15 minute video to show her to introduce her to us and her new home etc.! Good timing too, because her birthday and Chinese/Lunar New Year are right around the corner! Both special occasions!

We will likely get a picture or two of her “meeting” us for the first time, as well! We are so thrilled and excited for her to know that she is wanted and loved by her forever family!

We hope you are all having a great Christmas season, and we would be honored if you would share in our rejoicing and praising for this wonderful answer to prayer!

Merry Christmas from the Haffs! (Halves??)