Ruth’s 4th Birthday

Oh goodness- what a day we had! Ruth’s party was full of fun and memories. And gifts, since nobody listened to our requests for NO gifts as she’s already spoiled rotten by grandparents! Ha! But we get it, it’s too much fun to give her stuff- she reacts so well ;).

Here are the pictures- worth a thousand words- of all the festivities! She had a blast, and cried when it was over. It’s safe to say that Ruth fully understands birthdays/birthday parties now and is already asking when her next one will be.

You are truly amazing, Ruthie-girl. You are so smart and learn things so quickly. You forget nothing! You are so brave, and we enjoy having a front row seat to watching you blossom into your own. We will never miss another birthday, and might even be looking forward to the next one even more than you are! We love you, sis.