We are a family of 5 (well, 7 including the fur-critters) wanting to share our story of adoption, our Savior’s grace and our good Father’s unconditional love with the world. Because of Christ, we are whole, even in our brokenness.

We are in Elgin, Oklahoma, and love our okie life! There’s not a whole lot exciting about it, but the weather changes a lot, so that’s something. No beaches or mountains, but we have four seasons… sometimes all in the same day!

Shane, the tallest man of the house, is currently a teacher. He has a heart for youth and helping them grow in Christ. He is Mr. Fix It, and has jobs fixing toys, house stuff, car stuff quite a lot around here. Expert griller/smoker. He also loves the Philadelphia Eagles and writes about them here!

Allen, the shortest man of the house, is our very busy, intelligent, comical 5-year-old. He is constantly sharing what’s on his mind, and there is A LOT going on in his mind… all the time! He loves math and word searches, building things and currently obsessed with Star Wars.

Ruth is our sassy, kind and artistic 6 year-old daughter, stronger than any human being I’ve ever met and beautiful, inside and out! She is an aspiring cosmetologist/chef/teacher/mother and can be seen taking care of any number of her babies or stuffed animals. She also loves hoarding things.

Celine, the newest member of the family is our incredibly goofy and silly 5-year-old. She currently hates movies, loves the pets, wants to do everything her brother and sister do (unless it’s watching a movie) and enjoys making us laugh. We are getting to know her, and she us, and what a beautiful journey it is!

I am a working-stay-at-home-mom who gets to help farmers and ranchers.  It’s the ag-life for me!

We also have one indoor cat, Pepper (also Peps, Pepsi, Pepperoni), who loves to be held and is needier than the kids at times. And one outside dog, Coulson (also Co-Co) who enjoys going on camping trips and hates booms of any kind!