Finding The New Normal

It’s been close to 7 weeks since we’ve been home as a family of five! Without boring you with the details, we have been adjusting. There will never be a moment in time where we can say, “Celine has now adjusted to being in our family,” or “Ruth is completely assimilated.” We are a family impacted by adoption, and though it is beautiful, it’s more like becoming physically healthy: there is no tangible finish line, it’s an ever-changing journey.

That being said, Celine seems to be happy and healthy. She has had to begin appointments and soon therapies will follow. She doesn’t like being away from her siblings, that seems to be even more painful to her than a blood draw! She is speaking in small phrases and sentences more clearly, she is self-regulating when upset better than she was, and waking up most mornings and beginning her day with some independence! She is often smiling or laughing, or making us smile and laugh. She is such a joy to our family!

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are looking forward to experiencing them with her. With as terrible as this year has been overall, the blessing of being able to bring Celine home is not lost on us- we will be ending this year thankful to our good Father for the gifts he has given!