We got to talk to C for a whole 29 minutes! That’s so much longer than anything I imagined!

Unfortunately, our Internet connection was not the best, and so there were a lot of frozen moments and a little bit of a lag in the audio. But all things considering, it was a very successful conversation! And because we got to talk to her for a whole 29 minutes, I’ll just put the highlights here for you.

When C came on the screen, she thought she was just watching another video. I think it took her a little bit of time to understand that she was actually interacting with us in real time and not just seeing another video like she had in the past. in the beginning, all the kids were pretty shy. We expect that of C, but not Allen and Ruth! I think I may have built up this conversation a little much and they were nervous, but they warmed up pretty quick.

Very quickly into the conversation, C asked to see “the dog.” So Shane went outside and brought Coulson into the living room. I was getting mixed reactions from her when it came to our pets, I think she was intrigued but also very unsure as to why we had animals in our house.

We heard her say daddy and mommy several times, so that was a treat! She enjoyed seeing her room with all her toys and books (we asked her favorite movie or show and she said she likes Peppa Pig, we can work with that!). I started to show some of her clothes and her face definitely lit up, so it appears we have two fashionistas in the family! She was showing us her hair bow and so we showed her lots of her hair bows here!

We attempted to show her the backyard, but it had gotten too dark to see all the good stuff. But we did tell her about the playground, trampoline and swimming pool. We enjoyed seeing her and interacting! We are also very thankful for the caregivers in the home, they are so loving and diligently preparing her for her forever family.

Some things we gleaned from our meeting tonight:

The courts have been closed for a time, because of coronavirus, and the last order we are waiting for won’t be processed until they’re back open. That’s the most important first last step, if you will.

C was being taken to the visa medical appointment today, which is great! We are working towards getting her visa even with the courts closed and waiting on the high court order. This is definitely a kindness on our social workers’ part, she is wasting no time.

It is also required at this time for anyone arriving in Hong Kong to quarantine for 14 days, so we will need to wait for that requirement to be lifted before traveling.

While we were hoping for a travel date in May, with everything going on, it more likely to be June at the earliest. We will keep praying for a miracle, but we will trust that God has ordained this time, and even this family, well before we were even a thought. We will be together when the time is right, according to our loving Heavenly Father.

And we are sincerely thanking him for our first 29 whole minutes with our little bug.