Our First Cynthia Update

It’s a good day when you hear from your child halfway around the world! We received our first update on Cynthia, and some super adorable pictures, as well! It’s such a stark contrast from Ruth- as we didn’t get any pictures of her smiling until months after being matched with her. So it’s a welcome sight to see Cynthia so happy so early in our process.

This update was very nice, and we received some pretty detailed reports on her mild and moderate delays and how her care is being tailored to her needs. While Cynthia has significantly more needs (physically) than Ruth did because of her history, we are thankful Cynthia lives in a country where it’s not only possible for her to receive special care, but it’s the standard. God is good in every step of our lives, even when the circumstances are not.

Cynthia still has some problems swallowing liquids, even though solid foods pose no issue. We will be praying that, along with her therapies to improve her cognitive functioning, balance, lower body and core strength, she would begin adapting and healing so her body can drink without obstacle.

Our sweet girls have faced insurmountable tragedies in their little lives. And even though they have overcome, those tragedies leave scars. Sometimes the scars are global developmental and physical delays, like both our girls experience. Sometimes it’s Sometimes it’s reactive attachment disorder, which I pray we never experience. Sometimes it’s something more permanent, less obvious and lurking. And all too often, those scars will ebb and flow with their lives- flaring up when their circumstances become rocky, or even, too smooth. Adoption is a beautiful partial answer to one of life’s most difficult questions. But, that’s just it: it’s only a partial answer.

We are thankful that our girls have (and will soon have) a stable, loving family where they can grow up and learn about Christ. Where they can thrive and discover themselves without fear of the world. Where they can know beyond any doubt that they are safe. And where they will, hopefully and prayerfully, get the complete answer to life’s most difficult question: and that answer is Jesus.

Thank you for praying for our family as we actively pursue Cynthia to be in our family. We appreciate your support and feel it every step of the way!

(And I know you can’t see her smile, but she’s cheesin’ bigtime!)