The Virus Felt Round the World

“Isn’t this crazy?”
“We’re living through history.”
“The world feels so strange right now.”
“We’re just adjusting to the new normal, I suppose.”
“Surely this will be over by…”

These are just a few of the phrases I’ve said myself about living in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It started in China, half a world away from our family in OK, and a good 15-16 hours away from our little bug, whose country did an excellent job containing the virus from the very start. But then it started to spread, and before I even knew what was going on it was here- in our own state, and possibly even in our hometown.

We’ve been asked a million times, it feels like, how COVID-19 will affect our adoption. And for the last few weeks, we have had to honestly say, “We don’t know.”

C is safe, she has wonderful care givers and an outstanding social worker. She is not exposed to anyone who could be carrying the virus and her life is virtually unaffected, except for the occasional presence of face masks.

We, on the other hand, are living in what feels like an alternate universe at times. The kids are no longer in school, Shane is no longer at school, we are staying home, except for the nice bouts of nature walks and drives for a change of safe-scenery. The kids understand there’s a virus wreaking havoc somewhere, but they and C are safe. They also understand their “summer break” has started, and are wondering why we aren’t going to get C and bring her home yet. We have no answers, but we explain that when it’s time, God will make a way.

We have received an update on C, along with precious videos and photos! These updates, written in great detail thanks to a compassionate social worker (who also happens to be an adoptive mom!) give us immense joy. We can’t get enough! Her precious voice (heard singing “Joy to the World!”), her sweet movements, the cheesy smiles, we love it all!

C is growing and learning and we couldn’t be more thankful for the progress she’s made in her current home. Her left side, which has always been weaker, is getting stronger and more use. She is learning English and being taught that her family is coming soon, that she has a puppy and a cat, and that she has so many great clothes and toys waiting for her that the care givers say they are jealous!

She gets to see our faces and hear our voices from the video we sent often, we are grateful of the lengths her care givers go to in preparing her for her forever home. We are taking comfort in the fact that she is loved deeply right where she is, and God is using those incredible workers to shape her into the person He has created her to be.

We don’t know if we will get to travel to her the beginning of May. We hope, and we pray, that there is no delay in our travel. We want her in our arms the exact moment it’s allowed, and we don’t want to think about more waiting. But we are choosing to rest in God’s sovereignty once again. When the world is upside down, we are anchored in Him. His timing is nothing short of perfect, and C will be home exactly in that time.

Thank you all for praying, asking for updates, and rejoicing with us through this process. We are so close to the home stretch- literally! This virus was no surprise to our God, and so we will not be disheartened, whatever happens.