Happy Birthday, Celine!

Happy New Year, and Happy birthday to our little bug!

A wedding at the New Year!

This is the first birthday we’ve gotten to spend with her, and it was super sweet. Celine woke up excited for the day and exclaimed, “I’m sick!” This, of course, is just the way she says “six,” and it was extremely cute. Don’t worry, I got LOADS of video evidence so we can revisit the cuteness year after year!

The birthday girl!

Celine is growing well- we are encouraged by her adjustment to her new life and are already seeing improvements in some of her gross and fine motor skills. She will go in this month for all the evaluations and we will work with therapists to get a plan for how to help her improve.

Celine with a handmade birthday card from our neighbor friends!

Celine picked her birthday dinner of chicken soup! She’s pretty easy to please when it comes to food- which is great. She isn’t a fan of anything sour, still. So oranges, berries etc. are not a favorite. She loves nuts, broccoli, yogurt, chicken, noodles, rice, and NOT sweet potatoes, ha! She isn’t a huge fan of sweets- but has a fear of missing out, so she always says yes to dessert, even if it doesn’t last long.

Birthday cake and ice cream!

She received lots of great gifts: Color Wonder activities, some new clothes, and LOTS of Bluey toys! Bluey is an Austrailian cartoon about a Blue Heeler family, and it’s the only show she has ever asked to watch. She usually doesn’t like to watch any type of shows and very much dislikes movies. So when she showed an interest in Bluey, we ran with it! She got some Bluey toys for Christmas, and now has lots more to add to the collection. Right now, she’s wanting to play by herself- I think Allen and Ruth can be a little domineering and she probably wants to savor the newness and really explore before having to share with Allen and Ruth’s demanding selves *wink*.

The birthday spoils!

We are so honored to be her family and share this milestone with her. My thoughts often turned to her caring other family in Hong Kong at her child care home. She was so loved and cherished there, and I know they are missing her, especially now. We are so thankful for their care for her all those years- what a truly remarkable group of people she had in her life. God was providing in every situation, and we are grateful for His provision, even amidst all the loss she has endured.

Celebrating small with close family

Celine, you are exactly as you have been named: a JOY. We look forward to all the birthdays we have with you and helping you grow into a woman who loves, obeys and delights in the Lord. You light up a room and we are filled with hope to see the person you are becoming. We will always be here for you and celebrate the gift that your life is to our family!

This is her face almost all of the time- pure joy!