Day 4 Update

Today was a very good day- although we think the jet lag may have been delayed and now revealing itself at 3 pm every day. This is one difficult time zone journey!

Talking our ears off in the fast taxi!

We started the day by picking Celine up from the child care home. We brought her back to the hotel for a little but then walked across the street to the mall food court and got lunch. Celine picked a cheeseburger and fries, to our surprise! We’ve been told she isn’t picky at all, and that seems to be accurate. She ate all her cheeseburger and some fries and then drank a bunch of water. So so thankful she loves water!

We found out that Celine just wants to make you laugh- and if she finds something funny she will rinse and repeat until there’s no laughter left! Funny phrases, sounds, moves, whatever it is that makes you (or her) laugh is where it’s at. We also discovered that Celine doesn’t seem to be into movies or books, which is a shame because we don’t know how else she will survive the trip home! And it seems like Celine has a good ear for music- maybe she will want to be a singer!

Watching the traffic below

Celine is also very intelligent. She can recognize all her friends’ names, as well as her own (in English) and she learned new words and phases. Her favorites are mommy and daddy, of course, and also “taxi” and “fast” and “water.”

Being silly as always!

The drop off wasn’t as terrible as we expected. After such a great day we thought Celine might throw a fit when she wasn’t allowed to stay with us. But after some protesting she eventually gave in without tears or screams. Just 1 more sleep and it’s hello mommy and daddy for life!