Killing Trees and Whatnot

Well, today culminates months of work- we have almost gotten our dossier completed to send over to Africa.
There are still a couple documents missing, and can you imagine that we’re waiting on the government to send them? Surprise, surprise!

I know it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted about our adoption journey. Thankfully, we have been getting steady updates about every three weeks on how Ruth is doing. We shared with our church family earlier this year about our adoption endeavor and received such overwhelming support. Ruthie has even made incredible strides in her emotional health! The last update we got, the social worker literally said “she is a changed child. She is happy.” There are a lot of things that can make this mommy’s heart full, but that happened to be a very specific answer to prayer. I still can’t relay that news without tearing up! Our God is SO GOOD, y’all. All the time!

We are entering the month of just waiting. Unless Ruth’s government asks for additional documents, there’s really not going to be anything for us to do until we are invited over to get her. It feels like such a waste of time- for everything to be done but not being able to go over to her. My human self can’t hardly stand it- I’m missing out on my little girl’s life. Missing milestones- so so many of them. Missing out on valuable bonding time. I want her home, more than anything in the world. But this time may be a blessing for her- essential to her healing from abandonment. Again, the Holy Spirit reminds me that the Father knows what he’s doing- including the waiting.

So I will wait. Maybe not as patiently as I should at times, but I will continue to trust Him.

I will include some pictures from the updates of Ruth (minus her pretty face, of course) since it’s been so long! I’m hoping that the next visit they will finally capture the smile on her face. Oh, a mother can hope!!!

Ruthie editedRuth edited

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